Official Launch IxH 2015-2016: “Uma Pom Pou My Profe”

headerThe official launch of Ignatians for Haiti 2015-2016 was carried out from Mars 25th to April 15th, under the theme “UMA POM POU MY PROFE” (an apple for my teacher), which reflects the intention of recognize, thank and reward the significant role played by teachers in education. This new stage has been embraced by more than 60 schools of the FLACSI, which from their commitment and creativity, have already developed launch actions in their institutions, adding to the official initiative of the campaign.


Thanks to the Faith, the sense of Service and Solidarity present in each one of whom give life to the campaign, Ignatians for Haiti in this new stage will contribute in improving the working conditions of the 130 teachers from the “Fe y Alegría Haiti” schools, who daily give their love to more than 3,500 children, above difficulties, believing in education as a way to build a society where reigns Justice, Joy and Peace.

In the following link you can know the story of Duverne Rossete, a teacher of “Ecole Communautaire Saint Michel” (located in Coton, Haiti), one of 14 educational centers of the Fe y Alegría network:

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association – JSEA- has officially announced its commitment and participation in this new stage, and they will soon start their campaign activities. Thus, Ignatians for Haiti has not only range in FLACSI schools, but extends throughout the Americas.


We invite all who have joined this mission, to know more about the campaign in the website (click here to enter), where is shared all the information of this new stage, as well as the campaign material for downloading, and all the news about Ignatians for Haiti in each corner of the continent. Make your school and yourself Ignatians for Haiti, also joining ourfacebook, twitter and youtube“.